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Hi, I’m Quinton Hurst and I serve the mid-Tennessee area as a photographer. I am not someone who just has the ability to operate a camera, but an artist who has chosen photographs as the medium for my creative visions.

Fine Art

My goal is for you to own something I created. I have a large collection of art prints ready for printing. If you have a specific type of piece in mind, let me know and I'll check to see if I have something that works with your space. All of my art prints are genuine quality pieces that will bring an element of creativity, elegance, or interest to wherever you put them, I promise. Go here to browse my posted library in full quality or contact me with your ideas so I can look through my entire collection to give you a tailored selection to choose from. I look forward to giving you something that you’ll love and that will impress all who encounter it.


I deliver my best, always. I would love to work with you and believe that you would have a great experience. I will create photographs that convey your uniqueness. You are not just a customer, you are an individual and this is what I will treat you as rather than blandly taking your picture and sending you on your way after getting paid. Instead, we will work together to turn an idea into a vision and that vision into a session design so that you get something you are happy with, something that you are proud to show off to your friends and family, and something that you will keep forever. If you want to book your session or would like more information, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to answer your questions. I believe that our time together will be unforgettably awesome and enjoyable while the end results will be just as outstanding too. Portraiture is an art and everyone involved should have a part in the creation of the final piece.

Pet Portraiture

Pets are a major part of the family so it makes sense that they should get portraits made too, right? I think they should which is why I take them. I would love to meet your pets and photograph them in a way that captures their personalities. That way you have something to enjoy for many, many years to come that honors them as the characters and members of the family that they are. Just like the rest of the portraiture I do, we will work together to get a design for the session and then I will implement it. To get started with the planning, contact me and we’ll get it done!

For more information on investing in a session with Quinton Hurst Photography please contact me using the Contact form in the top menu or by phone 501-492-6938.

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